[PATCH NOTE: February 21, 2019]

PUBG LITE has updated several bug issues for a better game play experience. Check out the details on the update and other events!

Hello Players,

Today we would like to update everyone on features that have been added and improved in PUBG LITE. We have received a lot of feedback about our anti-cheat system which resulted in it becoming the top priority for our dev team. In addition to last week’s enhancement of anti-cheat functions, this week we will be enabling the report function as many of our players requested.

We’ve heard the community’s voices regarding the sound issue and worked to fix some of the sound issues that affected the game play. We would love to hear the responses about the changes from all the members of our community. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to provide our players and community with a better gaming experience.

Another important update in this patch is that Duo Mode will be removed temporarily to create a smoother matching service. Despite the new updates and changes, there will be plenty of opportunities for players to enjoy and receive BP rewards through events. Stay tuned for the latest news and events about PUBG LITE!

[ New Features ]

  • Anti-Cheat System

           – Report function added

  • Game play

           – Changed the default mode setting to enable “Continuous shooting”

           – Changed the default mode setting to enable “Auto reload”

           – Prevention of team kill – Limited to gun/melee damage

           – Edited FPP FOV works properly in the graphic option

           – Direction of shot shown dynamically in real-time as the player rotates

  • Sound Update

           – The sound has been optimized between the floors so that the sound is executed properly.

[ Bug Fixes ]

  • Vehicles

          – Fixed the issue that character dies getting off the car on a rugged terrain.

          – Fixed the issue where the buggy becomes slippery when you move left/right after using the boost.

          – Fixed the issue where the side break is not applied when player gets off vehicle in still mode.

          – Fixed the issue where the booster effect does not shut down when you get off the vehicle while using booster

          – Fixed the issue where you couldn’t use the item from quick menu in the driver’s  seat

          – Fixed the issue where a player can slightly teleport/jump while on the motorcycle

          – Fixed the issue where it was possible to drive even with a flat tire

  • Sound

          – Fixed the issue where the silencer of specific guns executes abnormal sounds

  • Others

         – Fixed the issue where character can equip 3 main weapons

         – Fixed the issue where it shows as “Team-kill” when player kills themselves

         – Fixed the issue where you couldn’t see the item tooltip next to the death box

         – Fixed the areas where the player would sink into the land in Miramar

         – Fixed the issue where the shot hits the leaf in Rozhok

         – Players that are alive do not show up on the world map

[ Event ]

        – Event 1 Limited time change to receive DOUBLE BP!

                : Event Period: February 21 (after patch) to February 27 10:59PM (GMT+8)

                : Grab your BP and get the rarest items for your character.

                : During the week, you will receive double the amount of BP!

       – Event 2 Fixed BP Price (1,000 BP)

                : Event Period: February 21 (after patch) to February 27 10:59PM (GMT+8)

                : Before ⇒ 5 Random Boxes = 21,700 BP Needed

                : Now ⇒ 5 Random Boxes =  Only 5,000 BP Needed

[ Game Mode ]

        – FPP / TPP Duo mode excluded


See you in-game,


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