[EVENT] Weekend Hot-Time Event

Play 3 rounds in Squad Mode to receive special rewards!

Hello Players,

We would like to thank all of you for your continued interest in PUBG LITE through a weekend hot-time event.


You will receive the reward right after you complete your participation in the event.

We hope you don’t miss out on receiving all the rewards.


The event details are as stated below.

[Hot-Time Event]

Event Period: March 9th to March 10th

Event Time:

  • 12PM ~ 12AM (GMT +8)

※ You must play in a Squad each day of the Event Period during the specified Event Time to receive the rewards.

Event Mission: Play 3 rounds in Squad Mode

How to Participate:

Play 3 rounds of PUBG LITE in Squad Mode during the specified Event Period and Times to receive the reward through the crate icon within the game.

Reward Item:

March 9th (Saturday) – Floral Shirt (30days)

March 10th (Sunday) – Athletic Shorts (White) (30days)


[ How to Check ]

  • If you play outside the specified event time, it will not count toward the event.

  • You must play when it appears like this for your playing to count for the event.

  • After you clear your mission, please make sure to click “CLAIM” to receive your rewards.

See you in-game!


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