2019 March Dev Letter

Hello Players,

A month has passed since the launch of PUBG LITE Beta Test on January 24. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for your great interest and support.

PUBG LITE is aiming to be more like the PUBG STEAM version, the core element of PUBG, and adding verified functions through many platform services so that players can:

  • Enjoy the game more easily
  • Enjoy the game more conveniently
  • Enjoy the game in more diverse PC environments

Going forward, PUBG LITE will take on new challenges and make new attempts to live by our beliefs. Your feedback will provide important guidance for PUBG LITE in the long journey ahead, and we will always value and listen to your voice.

Over the past month since the Beta Test launched, we have received a lot of sincere feedback from players and streamers in the service regions (Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand).

We read every single feedback thoroughly and analyzed the issues raised. As a result, we were able to come up with some new content and features for PUBG LITE in the short time we had. Soon, we will be ready to introduce them to you.

Now, let us dive into the things we are currently working on.

A Better Gun Play Experience

PUBG LITE’s ballistics system was developed based on the ballistics system that was built and continuously improved for PUBG.

Of course, we will continue to evolve, but we hope that in the course of its evolution you will be able to enjoy the ballistic system more effectively in various ways.

Soon, we will introduce three new weapons:


Beryl M762 (7.62MM), which has a higher rate of fire than AKM!

MK47 Mutant (7.62MM), which is ideal for mid-range combat with Single and Double Bullet Burst modes.

SLR (7.62MM), a DMR (Designated Marksman’s Rifle) that boasts a high rate of fire

In addition, we will introduce 3X Scope and 6X Scope attachments, which help you take full advantage of the newly added weapons.

We are also working on the Zoom In, Zoom Out feature that allows you to adjust the scope on a 6X or higher.

This feature will solve the problem of limited sight in close quarters combat caused by using 6X or higher scopes. Scopes will become more important in your gun play!

Apart from this, we are also preparing grips, duckbills and other weapon attachments.

The gun parts we are preparing are for the weapon’s vertical and horizontal recoil, aiming speed and much more. You will be able to customize your weapon for a more effective gun play pattern.

A More Dynamic Gun Play

We are working on a bullet penetration system that will bring out more realistic gun play and the appeal of the ballistics system.

In the real world, a bullet penetrates obstacles and strikes the target.

To provide a realistic gun play experience in PUBG LITE, we will introduce a new system that begins with the bullet penetrating the character’s arms and later evolves to include advanced bullet penetration for vehicles and water.

We hope that the bullet penetration system will bring your gun play experience to the next level.

The Beginning of a Whole New Strategic Game Play: The Flare Gun!

The Flare Gun is an item that can call an aircraft to the battlegrounds and request a crate drop as well as an armored UAZ.

It is a pistol item with the purpose of activating various game plays during the mid-phase of the game. This item will be spawned randomly on the world in small quantities.

The Flare Gun will get you some powerful weapons, but at the same time gather your enemies to the drop spot and spark intense battles that may turn into a fight for your life.

As mentioned earlier, we are doing our best to present different types of strategic game play and a better Battle Royale experience. We understand that listening to the feedback of our players is also very important.

When the Flare Gun is added to the game, we will be sure to swiftly gather and reflect your feedback and work to make it a strategic weapon that offers players a chance to enjoy a wider variety of game play.

A Dynamic Parachute System

The parachute system is an important and strategic element in PUBG.

We are developing a realistic parachute system that requires you to be spontaneous and creative in your survival tactics under a wide variety of situations in the air.

We will begin with improving the animation to make the character’s drop smoother and more natural and introduce features that give you more control of the character’s movement when parachuting down, such as speed and direction. Also, we are trying to make landings more realistic by improving the animation to reflect the drop speed.

These updates to the parachute system will allow you to drop at a wide range of locations, which means looting in the areas that you have never been to and hence more fun game play on the ground!

Improving the Free Reward System

We have been thinking of many types of rewards that will make your Battle Royale experience more enjoyable.

One of those ideas includes a wide variety of skins to boost your character’s looks.

We are currently working on a system that allows these skins to be earned for free if you play the game consistently.

The amount of time our players put into PUBG LITE is the most meaningful reward for us, and therefore we also want to offer something in return for investing your precious time in playing PUBG LITE.

Improving Item Balance

Weapons are a necessity for survival and protection on the battlegrounds.

In order to equip these necessities, many players parachuted into the areas where the buildings are heavily concentrated and battle with enemies.

The battle of PUBG LITE will provide you with an environment to learn how to survive in various ways and to make various strategies.

First, we will increase the overall item’s spawn rate, increase the spawn probability of AR and DMR firearms, and increase the chances of obtaining high-tier items from the small houses as well.

Secondly, we are preparing to improve the vehicle spawn rate for a more convenient and quicker move to the player’s desired place.

PUBG LITE will continue to improve the game environment to help reduce the stress that comes from item farming, so players can focus on survival.

Strengthening the Anti-Cheat System

Currently, PUBG LITE employs a strong security solution and monitoring structure.

However, the battle against hacks and cheats is never-ending and much like a fight between spears and shields, we must continuously guard ourselves against them.

Right now, PUBG LITE is working to create a very powerful Anti-Cheat Solution by bringing together the strong points of many different third-party solutions and combining them with our experience and knowledge.

This Anti-Cheat Solution will not only block malicious hacks and cheats but also guard against abnormal game play programs running on the PC OS or hardware.

The biggest upside of this new system is that it will serve as a shield against all the spears thrown our way, so to speak, and become a foundation on which we will stand on to fight against continuing malicious attacks.

Strengthening our Anti-Cheat Solution function was always an ongoing effort.

Of course, there will still be attacks from hackers and cheaters even after the upgrade but trying to create a fair Battle Royale experience will always be an important task of the highest priority to us.


In conclusion, we would like to also mention that more ideas to boost our player’s BR game play experience is underway. These new systems will help promote the core value and essence of PUBG.

PUBG LITE will continue to evolve and grow to offer an even higher quality service and feedback from our community is a must in this process. We promise to continue to work on creating a more enjoyable gaming experience.




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