[PATCH NOTE: March 28, 2019]

Read our patch note for more details on the updated specs

Hello Players,

For this patch, we focused on bringing you new contents and a wider variety of items.

  1. Added new 7.62MM weapon: BERYL
  2. Added three new grips
  3. Replaced the login rewards you were most excited about
  4. Revealed two new Random Boxes

The details about the items that have been added as follows.

[New Weapon Update]

In addition to the much-varied 5.56MM AR, we added the new 7.62MM weapon BERYL. The BERYL will be running against M24, the most preferred 7.62MM weapon according to the surveys on Facebook. The weapon will be able to be spawned in both Erangel and Miramar. Muzzles, grips, magazines, and other attachments can be added, its rate of fire and damage are higher and damage are higher compared to other ARs. It may be a bit difficult to control the recoil, but we’re confident you’ll be able to master the BERYL with some effort.

[Three New Grips Added]

Three new grips have been added in this patch. You will now be able to attach a wider variety of grips in addition to the existing grips shown through the survey over the past weekend for an event more interesting gunplay.

Feel free to share your tips and reviews with other users on not only the existing vertical and angled grip but also the new grips as well and enjoy the diversified gameplay.

[Login Reward Replacement]

We planned only to have big rewards on the week we added the attendance, but thanks to your support we’ve decided to replace the rewards with a  new set of rewards and continue the event this week.

  • Period: March 28 (after maintenance) until April 13

[New Random Box: Hero’s Crate Release]

We’re releasing a new Random Box called Hero’s Crate to follow the existing Soldier’s Crate Box. It will be sold at 1,000BP.

Also, we’re releasing the Premium Hero’s Crate. Although the chances of getting rare items in the premium boxes is 4X higher than other boxes, we wanted to lessen your burden to purchase these boxes by keeping the price at 2,500BP (instead of raising the price by 4X). Make sure you don’t miss out on the edgiest items in the Hero’s Crate.

[New Functions in This Patch]

We added some new functions that you wanted most such as the screenshot function and report function.

Screenshot function

  • Now you can take screenshots easily with the “F12” key. Capture your best PUBG LITE moments with this new function!
  • File directory: C:/Users/”UserName”/Documents/PUBGLite/Screenshots

Report function update

  • We updated the report function based on your feedback. Now the “report function” is available right after you are killed in a squad.
  • You can also report a player while spectating by pressing “R”. Please do not hesitate to report any players who play unfairly to create a cleaner PUBG LITE gameplay experience.

Quick Marker function added

  • As many of you requested the quick marker function has been added. You can now ping quickly without opening the minimap with “ALT + Mouse Scroll Button” in the direction of the crosshair to make the mark immediately. We hope you can now give orders and directions to your squad more easily
  • The quick marker will be appear for 10 seconds. To prevent reckless usage of the quick marker function, after using the function once there is a wait time of 2 seconds.

Map opacity settings added

  • A new function now allows you to make the map half transparent.
  • You can adjust this setting in Option > Gameplay > UI > MapOpacity

Water penetration function

  • The penetration function we added with the previous patch is now effective underwater as well.

[Bug Fixes]


  • Fixed issue where use of a consumable item is cancelled if the character is prone while using the item and an object touches the character while turning the screen
  • Issue where stun grenades are ineffective depending on their location, e.g. stun grenade not affecting the one who was holding the stun grenade even though it went off in his/her hand
  • Position of squad members on minimap and world map are displayed more smoothly while a party member is moving quickly by vehicle/plane
  • Fixed issue where items spawn not in buildings but on the ground or in the air


  • Fixed issue where there is a chance spectating will not work after dying even if the spectate button is pressed
  • Fixed issue where a player is shown to be alive on the minimap when spectating
  • Fixed issue where a spectated character seems to float after leaving a vehicle
  • Fixed issue where there is a chance the screen will flip vertically when the spectated character uses ADS

Vehicle Fixes

  • Fixed issue where there is no damage from leaving a moving vehicle
  • Fixed issue where there is a chance the in-game key guide is not displayed when on a motorbike
  • Fixed issue where the character goes through the roof of the pickup truck while using over the shoulder aiming in the third seat


  • Fixed issue where the character would get stuck in a specific area near Miramar Los Leones
  • Fixed floating fence in Miramar El Pozo


  • Fixed issue where a squad member cannot join the voice channel when he/she was in a squad in the lobby but was forced to rejoin the game following forced shutdown

PUBG LITE will continue to do our best to listen to your feedback to enhance your gameplay experience.


See you in-game!


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