[PATCH NOTE: April 25, 2019]

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Hello Players,

This patch consists of contents that will help you play more conveniently. Going forward, we plan to add more convenient features and work on optimization.

Updated Specs:

  • Parachute System Overhaul
  • Added a shooting range in the starting islands
  • Optimization
    • Improved muzzle effect (raised the overall quality)
    • Optimized the character motion of other players (made their movement look smoother)
  • Other updates
    • Added a new attachment called duckbill
    • Added SLR to training mode

[New Contents: Parachute System Overhaul]

We heard many of you requesting the improvement of the parachute, so with this patch update you will experience the overhauled parachute system. With the improved parachute system, a more realistic motion will allow you to turn the parachute around more smoothly. We also made it easier to control the parachute, helping you to land on the exact area you want.

  • Free falling
    • The Left SHIFT puts you into a dive at full speed straight down towards the ground
    • Smoother and faster turning and positioning while free falling
  • Parachuting
    • Left SHIFT helps you drop faster and land quicker
    • Left CTRL lets you glide, when you want to travel a longer distance
    • If Left SHIFT and Left CTRL are configured as different keys, players can control the parachuting speed by clicking on the newly configured buttons
    • The length of character animation depends on the parachute landing speed
      • The higher the landing speed, the longer the animation becomes
    • You can now cut the parachute while relatively close to the ground, while still moving through the air without bumping into objects
      • This will help you jump more accurately and quickly get to the area where you can loot weapons
      • This will help you get to the drop point faster but you can take damage if you drop from too far
    • With the improved system, colliding with buildings or objects while parachuting will now automatically cut your parachute

[Shooting Range Added to the Starting Island]

Reflecting your feedback collected through the community survey, we came up with an idea that users should be able to enjoy a meaningful gameplay in the starting island. Accordingly, we added a shooting range and weapons for you to hone your shooting skills. Try testing all kinds of weapons at the starting island.


  • Improved muzzle effect (enhanced the overall quality)
  • Optimized the character motion of other players (made movement look smoother)

[Other Updates]

  • Added a new attachment called “duckbill”
    • We added a new shotgun attachment called “duckbill”. While it can be attached to the S1897 and S12K, the duckbill reduces the vertical/horizontal spread of the weapons.
  • Added SLR to training mode
    • We added SLR to the training mode. You can practice shooting with SLR which is one of the most popular weapons.

[Bug Fixes]


  • Fixed the issue of quick marker not being displayed when player is in the vehicle
  • Fixed the issue of quick marker being displayed on windows


  • Fixed the issue of characters dying after getting off a vehicle driving at a low speed
  • Fixed the issue of not being able to see inside the vehicle from far away


  • Fixed the issue of character getting stuck in a specific location at Ferry Pier in Erangel


  • Fixed the issue where there is a chance voice chat doesn’t work in the lobby


We will always do our best to pay close attention to your feedback when servicing PUBG LITE.


Thank you and see you in-game!


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