[PATCH NOTE: May 9, 2019]

Check the article for details of the latest updates in PUBG LITE!

Hello Players,

In this patch we have updated contents so that you can enjoy the game more conveniently. We will continue to add convenient features and work on optimization of the game.  

  • New Weapon Added
  • New BP Box and BP Item Added
  • New Systems Added
  • Optimization and Improvement
  • Bugs Fixed

[New Weapon Added]

  • New AR weapon MK47 Mutant has been added
  • The weapon can be acquired in all the world maps (Erangel and Miramar)
  • MK47 Mutant is an AR weapon using 7.62mm bullets and has a 20 round capacity, ,which can be upgraded to 30 rounds with an extended magazine
  • The Mutant has 2 firing modes: single-shot and 2-round burst
  • Except the stock slot, most other attachments can be applied to the MK47

[New BP Box and BP Item Added]

New items have been added to the BP store.

  • With your continued passionate support, we have added an item to help you purchase better items through BP. As we have update back in April 11th (Patch Note #06), you can see that you will receive bonus BP for every phase your survive. Collect lots of survival and kill bonus BP to purchase the latest item.

New BP Box: Island Crate added

  • Just like the Hero’s Crate, there will be a separate crate added that raises your chance of receiving high-tier items by 300%.

New BP Item: The Skulls Helmet

  • This newly added helmet skin will be applied to all level helmets (LV1, LV2, LV3) upon purchase.

[New Systems Added]

  • This will be located in the top left of the screen
  • You can change the On/Off settings at Settings > Gameplay > Networkinfo

[Optimization and Improvement]

Optimized the crosshair color for the red dot, holographic sight, 2x Scope, 3x Scope.

  • Now you can see the crosshair with a more vivid color

Optimized the movement sound when in prone mode

Improved the shooting range on the starting island so that you can no longer hear other players’ gun shots

  • You can still hear the bullets brushing past you, this will be fixed in a later patch



  • Fixed the issue where water vehicles didn’t have any effect when it was exploded
  • Added the sound and effect when vehicles collide
  • Fixed the issue where the sound of the vehicle would be silent as soon as player gets off after driving
  • Now able to see effect when other players using vehicle boost
  • Fixed the issue where the hard-top UAZ appearance looked abnormal
  • Fixed the issue where the character would be on top of the vehicle while getting off on a slope


  • Fixed the issue where the character’s motion was disconnected when they picked up a weapon while running
  • Fixed the issue where the empty cartridges for the AKM was not emitted
  • Fixed the issue where the crosshairs for scopes above 2x was faint
  • Fixed the issue of the destroyed vehicles did not respawn in Training Mode
  • Fixed the issue where character would be floating on the wing of the plane in Erangel’s starting island
  • Fixed the issue where the character would move to another location when getting off the vehicle in certain areas
  • Fixed the issue when span items would drop on the floor in Miramar’s Ruin area
  • Other minor bugs fixed

We will always do our best to always listen users’ feedback when servicing PUBG LITE.


Thank you and see you in-game!



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