[PATCH NOTE: May 23, 2019]

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Hello Players,

We are back with the most requested update by players, Sanhok!
Sanhok is the 3rd playable map in the game with a 4×4 km island compared to other 8x8km maps: Erangel and Miramar.
The map is inspired by a wide variety of islands from South East Asia.

Paradise Resort

Paradise Resort is one of the largest areas in Sanhok for players to drop and loot items for an intense battle of survival.


Boot Camp is found in the middle of the map where players can find better lootable items. It’s highly likely to meet other players at the Boot Camp. You must fight in order to keep your items.


Players can find the best items in this highly congested location in Sanhok.
Within moments, you might lose all or gain all at the Ruins.

Pai Nan

Pai Nan is a city located on the southwest quadrant of Sanhok
The city is divided by a small arm of river which you can cross by swimming or walking over the bridge
It’s crucial to act fast for survival in this area!
There are many more areas where players can enjoy intense fights and experience the real Battle Royale in the third playable map.


Welcome to Sanhok!


  • Fixed the issue when players play as a squad, die right away without DBNO
  • Fixed the issue when players pick-up the items while reloading, players continue to reload.


We will always do our best to always listen to users’ feedback when servicing PUBG LITE.


Thank you and see you in-game!



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