[PATCH NOTE: June 4, 2019]

Check the article for details of the latest updates in PUBG LITE!

Hello Players,

PUBG LITE has been updated on June 4, 2019 to bring you updates for a better gameplay environment and experience. We hope the updates will provide you with a variety of new gameplay scenarios every time you play!

Check out the list of all the updated contents below!


  • Added QBZ to Sanhok.
  • SCAR-L will be replaced by QBZ in Sanhok only.


  • Added Rony to Sanhok.

Item Spawn Rate

  • Increased item spawn rate in smaller houses in Sanhok.


Playable Modes

    • Added Duo Mode.


    • Added feature to adjust teammates voice sound level.


    • Changed system so the last used scope reticle can be saved.
      • For Red Dot / Hologram / 2X / 3X
      • After ADS,  the appearance and color for the line of sight is saved as the lasted adjusted version.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where player would teleport to another location in the map.
  • Fixed the issue when players get stuck in the walls at Paradise Resort. (Sanhok)
  • Fixed the issue where it was not possible to control the parachute movement after opening the parachute.
  • Fixed the issue where players could not sit in shallow waters. (Sanhok)

See you in-game!


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