Hello Players!

Since the start of the Beta Test of PUBG LITE, our teams have worked hard to provide our players with the Action and Gunplay experience as close as we could to the Original PUBG version (PUBG STEAM). Sound Play is one of the key factors and we consider it just as important as the Action and Gunplay We tried our best to make the PUBG LITE Sound Play similar to the one available in the Original PUBG version.

Since the beginning of PUBG LITE, the issues regarding the sound was regularly shared from our community. We decided to create a realistic Sound Play as it is our top priority to make a better and more realistic gameplay. As you can see through our Patch Notes, we have worked on improving the sound issues through various attempts with patch updates and bug fixes.

Your feedback and the community sentiments are crucial to the service of PUBG LITE. We made various approaches to find the appropriate solution for the sound issues. With the patch update on July 18th, the following items will be improved:

1. Prioritized the improvement of footsteps

  • AS-IS: Players can hear the sound in distant fight and can’t hear nearby footstep sound
  • TO-BE: Players are now able to hear nearby footstep sound clearer than before

2. Improved the detailed volume control rather than each separate action.

  • AS-IS: Running = Moving = Walking
    • Footstep sound volume were all the same.
  • TO-BE: Running > Moving >>> Walking
    • Different sound volume based on movement style.

Players should be able to feel the difference in the Sound Play with the mentioned improvement above. The PUBG LITE Dev Team will continuously work to improve the Sound Play even after this week’s patch update. Just like the Original PUBG, PUBG LITE also aims to create a realistic gameplay experience for users. We mentioned that Sound Play is one of the key factors to PUBG LITE, which is why our teams constantly work to improve and fix the related issues.

The players’ voices are essential to make enhancement to the development of PUBG LITE. With the endless support you have shown us, PUBG LITE can continue to expand the service to further regions. We will continue to sincerely listen to your feedback to provide the best gameplay experience.

Thank you.

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