[Event] Become a Primary Player Today!

Receive detailed updates and special rewards!


Hello Players,

With the start of the Open Beta period of PUBG LITE, we prepared a new care package system. If you become a Primary Player, you will receive detailed information about PUBG LITE contents and exclusive rewards.


For: All PUBG LITE users

Event Period: August 1st ~ 8th

How to Participate:

    1. 1. Please click the “BECOME A PRIMARY PLAYER” button between August 1st ~ 8th
    • Users with existing account: login and click the “BECOME A PRIMARY PLAYER” button.
    • New user: Create account and click the “BECOME A PRIMARY PLAYER” button.


    1. 2. Participation Complete!


Rewards: Soldier’s Crate x 5

Distribution Date: August 8th~10th 

Distribution Method:

  • Through e-mail. Please check your spam inbox as well.




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