L-COIN Guide

Introducing the new L-COIN System

A new system has been added to PUBG LITE this August 8th, 2019.

Now you can purchase exclusive items and LITE PASS Premium from the in-game Store using L-COIN, the new in-game currency.

Here is a quick and easy guide to the L-COIN system.


What is BP and what is L-COIN?

BP (Battle Points) is a PUBG LITE in-game currency that player can earn by completing matches, missions, and more. BP can be used to purchase various items from the Store.

L-COIN (or LC) is a new in-game currency charged with payment for players who wish to explore the L-COIN exclusive experience of PUBG LITE.

The Store now has items that can be bought with BP and items that can be bought with L-COIN.



What can I do with L-COIN?

You can purchase various in-game items that includes exclusive costumes and skins, LITE PASS Premium, Rename Card, and many more.

Go check out the in-game Store to see what’s out there!


How much L-COIN do I have?

You can check how much L-COIN you possess on the launcher and at the in-game lobby screen.


Click on the [Settings] button to check your purchase history.



How do I top up L-COIN?

Here is a step by step guide:


  1. 1. Once you are in the game lobby screen, click on the square “plus” icon next to the L-COIN at the upper right corner.
    Clicking the square “plus” icon will send you to the top up page.



  1. 2. Select the payment gateway, then the amount you wish to top up. Click continue and you will be able to select the payment method.
  2. NOTE: Payment options and currency are tailored to the regions, so what’s on screen may be different for each country.



  1. 3. Insert your payment information to complete the transaction.



  1. 4. Once you have completed the payment process, you will see the following page.


  1. You will also receive an email notification that the payment was successful.



  1. 5. You can get back to the in-game lobby screen to see that your L-COIN has been topped up in real time.
  2. NOTE: There may a slight delay depending on the network environment. 



How do I use L-COIN at the Store?


  1. 1. Go to the in-game Store and select the item you wish to buy. Click [Confirm] to use the L-COIN.
  2. Before clicking [Confirm], make sure to check the item, quantity, and the total price.


  1. 2. Purchase successful!


  1. 3. When you don’t have enough L-COIN to buy the item you selected, the following message will show.
    You can click [Okay] to move to top up page.



Make sure to check before making a purchase. 

Certain items will be sent to your Inventory and certain items are applied right away.

  • Example: As you see in the image below, both items were bought with L-COIN and they will appear in your Inventory’s Items section.
    To use the [1 Level ] item, click on the [Use Item] button at the bottom. On the other hand, as for the [2xBP Card: 1-Day] item, it has been applied at the moment of purchase.



One more thing!

Exciting new items will continue to be updated to the Store through future updates. So keep a lookout!

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