[PATCH NOTE: 31 October, 2019]

Check the article for details of the latest updates in PUBG LITE!

Key Updates

■   Improved Healing and Boost Items 

    • Consumable heal and boost items can now be used while walking. 
    • Bandages will now be applied continuously.
      • Automatic bandaging will stop when you run out of bandages or when you reach the maximum amount that bandages can heal: 75% HP.
    • The application of heal and boost items can be cancelled by running, jumping or by pressing the F-key.
    • If you are hit while using the First Aid Kit and the recovery bar is shown, the amount will be reduced by the damage dealt.
      • The First Aid Kit health regeneration will no longer exceed 75% of HP. 


■   Added Killer Spectate Feature

    • You can now spectate your killers.


■   Improved Throwable Weapon System

    • Throwables that you have equipped will no longer take up space in your backpack.
    • (We are currently working on the feature that lets you cook a grenade by pulling the pin before throwing it. This will be updated in the near future.)


■   Weapon: Skorpion

    • Added a new weapon, the Skorpion.
      • Skorpion can be obtained on all of the maps. 
      • Skorpion is a handgun that uses 9mm rounds and can fit 20 bullets by default, or 40 bullets with an extended magazine.
      • Skorpion has two firing modes: single and full-auto.
      • Skorpion can be equipped with various attachments. 
        • Scope: Red-dot
        • Muzzle: Silencer
        • Grip: Vertical, Half, Light
        • Stock: SMG Stock (same as Micro UZI)
        • Magazine: Extended Mag
        • Skorpion has been added to the Training Mode, so try it out!


■   4VS4 MATCH Armor Level Updated: Lvl 1 → Lvl 2 (Helmet and Vest)

■   New Daily Login System

    • Starting on October 31st 00:00 UTC, the Daily Login Event reward will be claimable only on the specific days of the week:
      EX) Monday: reward A, Tuesday: reward B, Wednesday: reward C, and so on.

      • There will be a designated reward for each day of the week. You can claim each reward by logging in on that day only.
      • Each week the Login Event reward will be refreshed on Monday 00:00:00 (UTC).
    • Updated UI for Daily Login Event
      • Changed from a 10 days long Daily Login Event to a 7 days long Daily Login Event.
      • Rewards
        • Monday~Friday: 500BP
        • Saturday & Sunday: 1 Chicken Medal



New Items

■   Seaside Crate
Make it beach season anytime, everywhere you go!

  • Period: October 31st ~ November 21st


■   Halloween Crate

  • Halloween Crate will be in Store until November 7th



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the scope to not appear black while in Spectator Mode.
  • Fixed the issue where the Bluezone was not in sync.
  • Fixed the firing sound for UMP45.
  • Fixed the issue where it appeared black in ADS while alternating between Canted Sight and other scopes. 
  • Fixed the spectator output to display the scope in ADS.
  • Fixed the issue where the iron sight was shown in ADS even with the scope attached.
  • Fixed the issue where characters would get stuck in between the rocky mountains in Monte Nuevo


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