[PATCH NOTE: 12 December, 2019]

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#1) 2019.12.17 05:25 UTC

  • Fixed the issue where the Store did not load for some users.

#2) 2019.12.20 05:13 UTC

  • Reduced FPS frame drop and packet loss issue
  • Outgame UI Improved: Promotion code alert pop up added

#3) 2019.12.23 06:24 UTC

  • Fixed blue screen (BSoD) issue


See below for the update specs of the last patch update of 2019!

Major Updates 

New Season Pass

  • Duration
    • UTC Dec 12th, 2019 ~ Feb 6th, 2020
  • In Store until: Dec 12th, 2019 ~ Feb 3rd, 2020
  • Level Up Pass in Store until: Dec 12th, 2019 ~ Feb 6th, 2020 (*Will end when Season Pass duration ends) 
  • Special Promotion
    • LITE PASS PREMIUM PLUS will be discounted by 71%
    • LITE PASS PREMIUM will be discounted by  50%
    • Promotion Period: Dec 12th, 2019 ~ Dec 19th, 2019
  • Mission rules
    • Daily mission: Users are granted 2 new missions per day.
      • Users can change up to 1 mission each day
      • Missions are reset every day.
    • Weekly mission: Users are granted with 3 free missions and 3 paid missions per week and weekly missions are not reset.
      • Weekly missions do not disappear but are accumulated, allowing users to clear missions from previous weeks. 
    • The XP required in each level has been drastically decreased, allowing users to raise their level easily. 


Added TPP to Arcade Mode (4VS4 and Free For All)

  • Now that TPP mode is open in BODIE and PERIVERKA map, users can play arcade from every point of view. 
  • Players can also play Arcade Mode in TPP in Custom Match.


Micro UZI 

  • Players can now attach red dot or hologram to Micro UZI.


New Faces Added

  • Added new female/male faces to appearance.
    • Just like other faces, users can choose from three different skin tones and all hair styles. 


Christmas Decorations in the Lobby and Starting Island

  • We’ve changed the concept of lobby to celebrate the end of the year.
  • Every map will have a Christmas tree in the starting island.
    • The Christmas tree disappears once players jump to parachute. 


Features for Players with Color Blindness and Color-Deficiency 

  • The color of scope and reticle can change accordingly to the selected colorblind type.
  • The color of blood effect, smoke from supply crate and red/blue zone displayed on the map can change according to the selected colorblind type.


Changed Costume Slot System

  • Originally, players were able to wear a single costume  while wearing a costume set. But after updating the costume slot systems, it’s considered that users are wearing both shirts and pants if they are wearing a costume set. 
    • If a user wears pants or shoes while wearing a costume set will be removed. 
    • The change is applied to both In-game and out-game. 



Store Updates

Happy Holiday Crate

    • Period: UTC December 12th, 2019 ~ January 9th, 2020


 Price   60LC or 4 Chicken Medals
 Price x 10        540LC or 40 Chicken Medals


Improved Store Layout

  • Players can preview the contents of the Crates (Can try on different parts in preview)
  • Players can select the payment currency when purchasing Crates (L-Coin or Chicken Medal)
    • Possible to purchase 10 boxes with Chicken Medals (Open 10 Times = 40 Chicken Medals)
  • BP Crates changed to Wanderer Crate from Soldier’s Crate
    • Can also purchase 10 at a time
  • Season Passes and Single Items can be purchased from ITEMS


Voice Card

  • Voice card can be used in radio message.
  • It’s available in both duo and squad mode. 
  • Users can use voice card in In-game after equipping themselves with voice card in outgame.
    • Users can click F3 button while holding the mouse wheel to display and hear message according to the equipped card. 
  • Users can choose not to display message of certain member in the team settings.



  • Improved frame drop rate for zoom-in and zoom-out of the scope. 
  • Improved partial frame drop rate when moving around building-dense towns. 


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where collision detection was not activated in certain areas near the eastern cliff on Miramar.
  • [Gunplay] Issue of not being able to come out of aim mode when dropping a weapon while aiming.
  • Improved sounds for Smoke Grenades.
  • Fixed the issue where the character’s location was not recognized correctly due to unstable network.


See you in-game!


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