2020 NOVEMBER DEV LETTER: L-COIN System Termination


Hello Players, 


Thank you for your patience while PUBG LITE teams at PUBG deliberated on what the next step would be for the game.

It has been concluded that PUBG LITE will be taking steps to terminate the L-COIN (paid cash) top-up system and become a 100% free game. 

All payment top-up channels will be closed as of Tuesday, December 15th (UTC 05:00). After this point, all game content and items will be free of charge. For those who still have L-COIN left over, you may continue to use the L-COIN to purchase items from the Store even after the termination of the top-up system.

As the game transitions into a fully free-to-play game, the seasonal LITE PASS has already been replaced with missions and you can continue to see items in Store. All items will be purchasable with free credits such as Chicken Medal, Silver Bullet, and BP.  

PUBG LITE will still be available for play and continue to provide weekly in-game events with overloads of Chicken Medal rewards.  


We hope that our players in all parts of the world stay safe and healthy as COVID-19 continues to impact our lives. 


This change will affect PUBG LITE users globally and is not specific to Garena Platform users. For further enquiry please refer to https://litesupport.pubg.com/ 



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