[PATCH NOTE: September 5, 2019]

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Read the detailed specs that have been updated in this patch and see how you can apply them to your gameplay strategies. 

Key Updates

■  Weapon Balance Update

    • Buffs
      • Increased base damage of Kar98k from 75 to 79.
      • Increased per pellet base damage of S12K from 22 to 24.
      • Increased per pellet base damage of Sawed-off from 20 to 22.
      • Increased per pellet base damage of S686, S1897 from 24 to 26.
      • Increased effective damage over distance for all SMGs.
      • Slightly increased damage multipliers for SMGs:
        • Torso 1.05 (previously 1.0), Limb 1.3 (previously 1.25).
      • Increased damage multipliers for Crossbow:
        • Torso 1.4 (previously 1.0), Limb 1.2 (previously 0.9).
        • ADS zoom for default crossbow sight increased by 3%.
    •  Nerfs
      • Reduced base damage of M24 from 79 to 75.
      • Reduced base damage of Beryl M762 from 47 to 46.
      • Reduced base damage of AKM and Groza from 49 to 47.
      • Reduced base damage of M416, QBZ, SCAR-L and AUG from 43 to 41.
      • Reduced maximum bullet travel distance of all shotguns from 1000 m to 150 m.
    • Changes
      • Duckbill attachment now distributes bullets vertically instead of horizontally.
      • UMP now uses 45.acp instead of 9mm.
      • Vector now uses 9mm instead of 45.acp.

■  Gun Play Optimization

    • For this patch, FPS would not affect the rate-of-fire.


■  Improved Vaulting Animation Quality 

    • Made improvements to the vaulting animation for the movement to appear more natural. 


■  Updates for 4VS4 MATCH

    • Upon pressing the REPORT button after the match is over, a red button will be activated next to the user ID. This button can be used to report players.
    • Max Kill Count has been changed from 30 kills to 40 kills. 

■  Improved shakiness of the crosshair while in a moving vehicle. 

    • Now you can play with a more stable grip and view to shoot your enemies while driving with your team in a vehicle.


■  More bullets at the Shooting Range.



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where players were able to go through certain building walls if they rubbed against it in Pai Nan (Sanhok).
  • Fixed the issue where players could see through certain terrains by rubbing against them.


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