Take advantage of the best week to top up L-COIN

Hello Players,

In celebration of our region expansion this season, we are having a special top up event.

For a limited time only, you can receive double the amount of L-COIN when you purchase from now until the 17th of October!
With L-COIN, you can obtain many exclusive in-game items in PUBG LITE, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to receive double the L-COIN.


FOR : All PUBG LITE users



October 10th 2019 after the Update patch ~ October 17th 06:00 AM (UTC)



Log in to the game and top up L-COIN either through the lobby screen during the event duration.

Go to the payment page and you will see the double L-COIN amount. Select the L-COIN amount of your choice and the stated amount will show on your game screen upon payment.


First time topping up? Check out the L-COIN GUIDE to learn step-by-step on how to top up.


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