[PATCH NOTE: 10 October, 2019]

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New Currency

This patch introduces two types of new in-game currencies other than BP and L-COIN: Chicken Medal and Silver Bullet.

Read on to learn how to unlock these new currencies and what they can be used for.




What are those?

  • The Chicken Medal is a new special currency that can be exchanged for paid crates.4 Chicken Medal = 1 crate but the exchange rate may vary depending on the price of the crate.

How to get Chicken Medal

  • You can now obtain Chicken Medal throughout the game!
  • Chicken Medal can be acquired from the daily login event, through LITE PASS & LITE PASS:Premium Rewards, Challenge Missions, Daily Mission, PUBG LITE Playday event on weekends, crates purchased with BP and community events.

Using Chicken Medal

  • With this patch, you’ll notice a new Chicken Medal button before purchasing a crate. Use that button to purchase the crate with Chicken Medal instead of L-COIN.





What’s this?

  • Silver Bullet is a new currency that is acquired when a skin item is scrapped. Previously you’d earn BP from scrapping items but from this patch forward you’ll get Silver Bullet instead.
  • You can buy items with this new currency in the Store through the Silver Bullet Store.

How to get Silver Bullet

  • After selecting a skin item from your inventory that you want to scrap, click EXCHANGE.
  • Then click CONFIRM on the pop-up screen to get Silver Bullet.

Exchange Rate

  • See the table below to find the Silver Bullet exchange rates. The amount of Silver Bullet you can get varies according to the background color of an item.





How long does it last?

  • LITE PASS Season 2 runs for 8 weeks, starting October 10th and ends with the December 5th maintenance.
  • LITE PASS Season 2 will have a grace period between December 5th and December 12th  to give players time to claim their rewards after the season ends.

 Players have one week to receive their pass rewards. If a player doesn’t redeem the rewards before the grace period ends, then they will lose the opportunity to claim their rewards.


General Mission Details

  • Mission Update schedule:
    • Daily Missions resets daily at 00:00 AM (UTC).
    • Weekly Missions resets weekly at 00:00 AM every Thursday (UTC).
    • Beginner, Premium, and Challenge Missions are available for completion over the duration of  the LITE PASS Season 2.
  • Premium Missions are additional missions available for players that purchased a LITE PASS: Premium.
  • New Challenge Missions:

    • UMP45 and BODIE (4 vs 4 Mode) have been added as new Challenge Missions.
    • You can get PASS EXP when you clear each mission.
      Also, you can acquire a Chicken Medal when you complete all missions!
  • Daily Mission Update
    • A mission to get a Chicken Medal has been added as a new daily mission. You can get one Chicken Medal per day as a reward when you win that chicken dinner.
    • With this patch you will no longer be able to reset (replace) daily missions.
  • New Mission category
    • In this Season, you can enjoy new missions as follows:
      Vaulting, destroying tires, shattering windows, using emotes, destroying a door, etc.
    • Clear new missions to get PASS EXP.


What is the LITE PASS:Premium?

  • Players can instantly benefit from the Premium Pass after purchasing it from the in-game Store.
  • Purchase period: October 10th to December 2nd.
  • Players will have access to more missions and more rewards.
  • Players’ Season 2 level progress will not be reset when upgrading to a Premium Pass.
  • When purchasing the LITE PASS: Premium or Level-UP items, please note that they will be activated on your account immediately after purchase.
    For Level-UP items, if you already reached the max level 100, the level-up items will be stored in your inventory and it can be used to level up another LITE PASS in the future.
    However, please note that if you use a Pass Level-UP item when already at max level, the item will be used but no additional levels will be granted – so be extra careful!
    Example: if a player who is Level 95 purchases a +10 Pass Level-UP item, then they will reach the max level 100 but they will not keep the extra 5 levels as an inventory item or be eligible for a refund. Keep the max level in mind when purchasing a Pass Level-UP item!
  • With the LITE PASS: Premium Plus, players will instantly gain 25 levels upon purchase. Please note that the same rules apply here as with regular Pass Level-UP items: if you are above level 75 when purchasing a LITE PASS: Premium Plus, you will not go beyond level 100, and the additional levels can not be saved for future passes or be refunded.


Survival Title System Season 2

Survival Title Season 2 has arrived with new season rewards


  • Survival Title System Season 4 begins once October 10th update hits live servers
  • Survival Title System Season 4 period: October 10th to December 12th MA(9 weeks in total)


  • Rewards for Survival Point System Season 2

  • Season rewards will be automatically granted when Season 3 starts. 

General Survival Title System Details

  • Survival Points(SP) earned from the previous season are soft-reset
    • Your previous SP is reset, although it’s taken into account when determining your starting SP for the new season. 
  • CLICK to see detailed information

MMR for matchmaking has nothing to do with the title system. Even if the Survival Point system ends, MMR will not be reset. 




  • Items in the Silver Bullet Store can be bought only with Silver Bullets.  



Your 4 vs 4 Mode record will be added in SEASON > CAREER. (Like Battle Royale Mode, the record will be reset when Season finishes)




  • Your progress in the 4 vs 4 Mode is tracked and after playing at least 20 matches you will be able to see how well you perform compared to other players, presented as a percentage.
    (For players who have played the mode less than 20 times, “NOT ENOUGH DATA” will be shown instead of the rank. You can see your rank only after playing 20 matches or more.)


  • MATCHES: shows total matches played.
  • VICTORIES: shows total victories. 
  • DEFEATS: shows total defeats.
  • WIN RATE: shows your win rate.
  • MOST KILL: shows most number of opponents killed in a single match. 
  • KILL STREAK: shows the most number of opponents killed consecutively in a single match.
  • SHORTEST TIME WIN: shows the record of the match you won in the shortest time


  • KDA: Shows your Kills/Deaths/Assists ratio
  • KILLS: shows your total sum of kills
  • DEATHS: shows your total sum of deaths
  • ASSISTS: shows your total sum of assists


Shown as percentage:

  • ACCURACY: calculates your hit rate
  • HEAD: calculates your rate of hitting head shots
  • BODY: calculates your rate of hitting body shots
  • ETC: calculates the shots that did not hit head or body, but other areas such as limbs



Bug Fix

  • FIxed an issue where the angle of the scope would become transparent as a result of weapon collision.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to enter a wall under a certain bridge in Sanhok.
  • Fixed an issue where matchmaking would cancel after presenting a pop-up message.
  • FIxed an issue where punch sounds could be heard louder than intended across different floors in a building.
  • Fixed an issue where the texture of the soft top UAZ rear wheels would not display properly.
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