FAQ: pre-registration for PUBG LITE

Hey Players,

Here you’ll find some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the pre-registration event and the free skins that comes with it once PUBG LITE expands into many of the European countries and Russia on October 10th. So let’s start by answering the most commonly asked question:

Am I going to receive the pre-registration event skins simply by registering on https://lite.pubg.com/?

You’re just one click away! After registering or logging in with your Global Account you’ll need to click the big yellow button: “Click to Participate” at the bottom of the pre-registration page here.

This is the yellow button you’re looking for!

After clicking it, you should receive a pop-up to confirm that you’ve been registered and the button will turn gray if you try to click it again. Success!

Note: Pre-registration and participation in this event must be complete before the event ends on October 8th in order to receive the free skins.

How and when am I going to receive the skins?

Starting from October 8th, all pre-registered players will receive key-codes via e-mail. This may take a few days but we expect all codes to be sent out latest by October 11th. If you’re an existing player from a different region you can still participate in the event to receive the skins directly into your in-game inventory.

Note: In case you register with a Google or Facebook-account, then your key-code will be sent to the e-mail associated with that account.

Will the key-codes have an expiry date?

Yes, so make sure to redeem your codes as soon as possible after receiving your e-mail.

Are the skins permanent?


So don’t forget to pre-register in time!

We hope this clarifies some of the questions you had, and we look forward to seeing you in-game from October 10th!